Teacher Jobs

The teachers we employ on a contract for services fall into two main catagories. Teachers from the EEA (European Economic Area) who have QTS (Qualified teacher Status). We also employ overseas trained teachers these have UK Naric Equivalence. In all cases we try to complete the necessary checks as quickly as possible to get you work.

Teachers from the EEA

For those who have qualified in the EEA or are UK trained. We can offer a very attractive package.

  • Work in local schools.
  • Work when and where it suits.
  • Top rates of pay with bonuses for long term assignments.
  • A service managed by teachers who have undertaken assignments themselves
  • An Optional holiday savings Scheme.
  • An Optional pension Scheme.
  • Prompt payment weekly, direct to your account.
  • A minimum of paperwork.
Teacher Jobs

Frequently asked Questions

Q. I am a European EU trained teacher can I work in the UK?
A. Yes you can but you must first obtain a teacher number from the Department for Education. You can do this by phoning them on 0300 7900225.

Q. What qualifications do I need to supply teach?
A. You can supply teach if you have qualified teacher status in which case you will have a teacher number. Alternatively if you are an overseas trained teacher with a UK Naric Qualification then you can teach in state schools for up to 4 years but you will have to get QTS before the end of this period you will not have a teacher number in this case. In addition since April 2012 you can also teach in a secondary state school if you are post 16 qualified and hold QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) in this case you will not have a teacher number but will be registered with the Institute for Learning. The Teacher information line run by the Department of Education is helpful regarding qualifications. The phone number is 0800 3892500.

Q. What is UK Naric?
A. UK naric is a commercial organisation that compares qualifications. If your qualifications come from outside the EU. It is a good idea to get a comparison done with UK Naric as it can greatly improve your chances of getting a job. Their phone number is 0871 330 7033.

Q. I am a newly Qualified teacher. Is there a time limit by which I need to start the induction period after achieving QTS?
A. No. There can also be gaps between the three terms that make up your induction period once started. The Department for Education is also very helpful in answering some Frequently asked questions regarding teaching. Click the following link for further information Becoming a teacher.

Q. What is a teacher number?
A. The Department of Education assign teachers a teacher number once or sometimes before they have obtained Qualified teacher status known as QTS. The number is 7 digits long, the first two of which identify either the year you qualified, started teaching in the UK or started your Bachelor of Education qualification.

Q. I dont have QTS is there any way I can work in schools?
A. Yes. There are a wide range of jobs in schools that do not require QTS for example Teaching Assistants who help individual pupils. Coversupervisors who supervise lessons but are not allowed to do specified work (work involving planning, preparation and marking of lessons) and Night Waking Officers who ensure children who need 24/7 monitoring are kept safe. Our agency also supplies these to schools.

Q. What criminal clearances do I need to have to work in schools?
A. You need an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring service. In addition if you have lived abroad in the last five years then you will need a certificate of good conduct from that country. We can arrange an enhanced disclosure for you at our offices.